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Michael Miller History 112-Section 2 The French Revolution By late 1791 many of the goals of the French Revolution had been achieved. Special rights or privileges had been abolished, free enterprise had been established, and civic equality was guaranteed by the constitution [1]. However, later events would push the Revolution past these achievements into a much more radical phase of government. By this time many of the problems that had led up to the Revolution were still unresolved, and new ones were becoming evident as well. The economy was still in shambles and the issue of what to do with King Louis XVI was worsened by his attempted escape from France. Also, freedom of press, which had played a major role in the Revolution in the first place, had begun to use their new freedom to speak out against the new revolutionary government. To top it all off the threat of war from European monarchs, angered by the Revolution’s new anti-monarchical government, led to more and more radical policies [1]. In 1791 France’s economy was terrible. Besides the problems leftover from the Old Regime, the Legislative Assembly was also battling new ones. Following the Revolutionary takeover of France the new government created a new form of currency called the assignat. By 1791 the value had depreciated so badly that the government was forced to do what most other governments throughout history have done, print more
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French Rev - Michael Miller History 112-Section 2 The...

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