Jack the Ripper - Michael Miller History 112 Section 2 Jack...

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Michael Miller History 112- Section 2 Jack the Ripper The brutal murders attributed to Jack the Ripper are important for more reasons than just their mystery and their cold-blooded nature. They are also important because of when they happened and the society in which it happened. Britain was undergoing considerable change at the time, change that happened very quickly. Politics, gender, class and society itself was changing [1]. The new ability to mass-produce reading material such as newspapers and pamphlets inevitably led to tabloid scandal, which the reading public relished. Jack the Ripper’s victims all had several things in common. All of the women whose deaths were attributed to him were prostitutes and all were middle-aged women, with the exception of Mary Kelly. Aside from the brutality with which the murders were committed the only other thing that these women had in common was that they were all killed in London’s East End known as Whitechapel [1]. There is very little evidence as to the Ripper’s identity. In the years following the murders over 100 names were listed as suspects, though there was considerable doubt even among the most likely suspects [1]. The police and the press both received countless letters from people claiming to know who Jack the Ripper and people who claimed to be
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Jack the Ripper - Michael Miller History 112 Section 2 Jack...

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