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Lecture Notes monApr28

Lecture Notes monApr28 - Biol Mon Apr 28 CFCs synthetic...

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Biol – Mon, Apr 28 CFCs: synthetic gases used in plastics and in refrigeration Methane: released by natural gas production, livestock Nitrous Oxide: released by bacteria, fertilizers, and animal wastes What can you do to reduce global warming? P858 links to life p859 How do nutrients move within and among ecosystems? - Nitrogen o Used in amino and nucleic acids o Main reservoir: nitrogen gas o Nitrogen gas cant enter food web - Nitrogen fixation o Plants cannot use nitrogen gas o Nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert nitrogen gas into ammonia o Plants can absorb ammonia and ammonium o Mutualism: plants get fixed nitrogen and bacteria get a safe place to live - Nitrogen loss o Lost from soils via leaching and runoff – “dead zone” o Denitrifying bacteria convert fixed “nitrogen” into nitrogen - Humans increase o Nitrogen loss by clearing forests and grasslands o Nitrogen in water and air by using fertilizers and by burning fossil fuels o Too much or too little nitrogen is bad for plants and aquatic life
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