Geog final review

Geog final review - -Oceania water(how fo they get it...

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Geog final review Wednesday Europe – no middle class 1. Cultural imperialism 2. Cultural nationalism 3. Cultural syncrenozation Russian domain - Vast natural resources - But vast space might have been the undoing of the USSR - Underwent huge change - Putin – what is he doing? Prime minister Caribbean - Began in 1492 - Indigenous people are gone - Barbuda belonged to the people who were desecendants of African slaves - Tourist apartide – laws that separate Cubans from tourists Australia and oceania - Australia is almost all desert, colonialism - New zealnad – non tropic zones; glaciers, colonialism - The original settlers in Australia is British prinsoners - The indigenous people are still in Australia and oceania
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Unformatted text preview: -Oceania - water (how fo they get it? Rain)-Atolls, coral reefs, have no soil to grow crops Latin America-Dominated by European colonialization-Extractive economy-Brazil = most populous country-Never allowed to move to 2 nd stage-In 1898 – Spanish vs. America won-Young democracy – struggling-Venezuelean president – hugo Chavez 50% of LA’s workforce is immigrants 2025 everyone will be like this Final exam review Friday 4 parts- 3 tests and definitions: TFRs, urban primacy Key terms Polders Locations of mountains Coordinates No latitude bigger than 90 23.5 degrees N&S are tropics Caribbean is north of equator...
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Geog final review - -Oceania water(how fo they get it...

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