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arabic vocab.(1) - Girl Man Boy Pen Building Old/ancient...

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Unformatted text preview: Girl Man Boy Pen Building Old/ancient Room Street Exam Homework Easy Big Small Tall/Long Short Sick Healthy Beautiful Far away Hard/Difficult Egyptian Pleasant Upset Arabic Spacious New Strange Nearby Good Hungry English Palestinian Kind Literature United Nations Area Same Father Mother University School Car Heart Dog I know I do I drink I run I understand Family Every Behind / / Friend (m) Friend (f) Brother Sister (Greeting) I want to I visit I walk Exhausted Thank you I watch The game Saturday City A watch Hour Always How The Meeting I study Who What (Objects) What (Verbs) Yes/No Where From With To Which When Day Husband Wife I eat Food Restaurant I like Tea Country The History The Engineering The Science The Medicine The Political Science The Language The Music The Art The Psychology The Nursing The Teacher Miss./Lady Engineer (m) Good (Greeting) Morning Evening Teacher (m) Teacher (f) House Spanish Book Student (m) Student (f) Peace be with you Yes No How are you Thank God I travel Busy Summer One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight / l Nine Ten I live I go I work I write Office Library My name is Camel Desert also Translation Translator (m) Translator (f) Where (Not in ?) Specialist in Doctor Maternal Aunt Work Work Truly/Really Admissions belonging to (prpstion) I have Language Daytime Only/Lonely Employee Or Maternal Uncle Friend (m) Doctor (m) Mr. Neighbor (m) Neighbor (f) Arabs (m) Woman Miss Egyptians (f) Palestinians (f) Name Works News Door Room Story Lesson Class Classroom/Season Bank Cent Money Street Notebook Window Plane State Word Page Table Paper Soccer Really Test A lot Because Different Upcoming I help Cold Hot Now See You Later Second Year Since I Hit I Talk I Meet To You To some extent I thank On top of The gift The invitation Your presence (sing) Maybe I wish you Good Fortune After I see Recovery Speed Good luck Tomorrow Trip Happy God willing I try Year Sure 1,000 congrats Number Spring l Bird Program Son Army In Reality I teach Letter Picture Officer Science Uncle (paternal) Family (extended) Relative College (in univ.) First Primary (elementary) I memorize I remember Fourth Classmate,colleague (m) Classmate,colleague (f) Traveling Childhood Individual, member Before He was ) ) She was I was I speak I read I listen to Coffee Sugar Milk of... descent Cold (adj.) The Weather I like Hot (adj.) The best... Sometimes Autumn Degree Temperature Humidity Overcrowdedness Due to (nouns) Winter I have feelings of The Weather High Semester ... Only/Lonely A lot, much (adv.) As far as... is concerned Loneliness About Commerce Obtaining Lecture I graduated... Business Administration ` That Week Year Thus, Therefore Why Today First (f) Secondary Baccalaureate Grandfather Grandmother Accident Middle school Public I live Economy / Greatest Greatest of them She died Ministry Obtained I entered I enter I study Reviewing Lessons Opinion in his opinion He refused I refuse He wanted to Help, Helping I help... to/in Throughout Thanks to The Future as I join, enter (he/it) is not there is not (he/she/it) does not have it does not have (places) like I succeeded in, passed I succeed in, pass Rainy Cloudy Sunny Diploma We used to Shy Hobby Sports Favorite Volleyball Basketball Swimming Skiing Jogging Reading Dancing Photography Painting Cinema Deceased Yesterday Sibling Wife / - / = / / The Past, Last Root Pattern If (past) I was late, fell behind Company in need of Other Or to begin Some (of) Then Newspaper to sit about, approximately to leave Private To smoke Sixth Chess to be able to Afternoon to return Eye + , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Desayunar a little, (adv) , , to play Club to descend (leave house) , , half Wake someone up Red Blue Yellow Black White Purple Gray Green Pink Brown Color Dark Both Hat I wear Clothes Swimsuit Lunch Shirt Pant Skirt Glasses Shoes Dress Socks Coat Hair Short Long Child To Fly Under On top Horse Table Carrot Bread Banana Strawberry Food Cheese Tomato Apple Basket Bag Crate Bicycle Boat To Ride to smile to laugh to kick to lay down to hold to throw to dance to swim to jump Here There Rake Bull Phone Adult Digit Human Animal Elephant Person (m & f) Tool Tent Umbrella Ship Box Truck Couch Tire Circle (noun) Square (noun & adj.) Rectangle (noun & adj.) Triangle (noun & adj.) Greater than Smaller than Larger than Shorter than Hand Right (direction) Left (direction) Cup Paper Thing to point Neither of One of the-(noun) Microphone Singer -- Guitar Window Sign to turn to play (instrument) No (as in parking) Parking Full Circle (U-Turn) Circle (adj.) Warning Kangaroo Cows Deer ...
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  • Spring '08
  • Luck, ) Microphone Singer, Nations Area Same Father Mother University School Car Heart, Good Hungry English, Old/ancient Room Street

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