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*Tips for Success in MCB150* -Approx. 90% of questions on exams from lectures; rest from readings not explicitly covered in class *Tip of the Day: Check one’s understanding of a topic by explaining it to someone else (who can correct you if you’re wrong ….) -Study Group!!! -MCB Learning Center: 425 NHB -More material on Exam 2 than Exam 1 therefore don’t necessarily let amount of studying for Exam 1 be an exact gauge of how much to study -Don’t Cram!!! -Ask questions that will help you keep up w/ lecture during lecture – Don’t Wait!! -Review Sessions: 228 NHB (Q/A format) -Every lecture is (relatively) equally represented on exams -Exam questions more detailed than LON-CAPA but more limited in format – (standard MC w/ 5 choices and some T/F) -Questions mostly application-based, not straight regurgitation
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Unformatted text preview: -Don’t necessarily have to have questions to participate in office hours, review sessions, or WebCrossing – (can be “proverbial fly-on-the-wall”)-“Brain Dump” – write down everything you’re afraid you’ll forget once test starts – (make self a “legal cheat sheet”)-No time pressure – (there will be enough time!)-Try answering question without looking at options first (whenever possible)-Always make sure you’re answering what the question is asking!! (Try reading questions backwards to prevent misreading and circle keywords along the way)-Gut reaction is usually right …-Circle answers on exam and make sure they match those on the scantron-Answer key generally posted day after exam...
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