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-1Deanne Trumpie Section 20 Introduction I. Attention Getter-What you see in front of you are two pictures of calculus books that I think that you would agree look nothing alike from the outside. Although these books seem to be totally different, looks can be deceiving. The truth is that the material inside is pretty much the same. According to a project by the Make Textbooks Affordable campaign, faculty reviewers claim that there is not one substantial change in the material of the 7 th edition compared to the 6 th (Singletary 2006). The only differences in the book is the order of the material and the homework questions, so why come out with a new edition? II. Being in college, I have spent hundreds of dollars on textbooks, and haven’t even bought all the materials that were required for my classes. During my research for this speech, I got very fired up at one professor writing to the Los Angeles Times that says that students are more worried these days about entertainment, ipods, and cell phones and would rather spend money on those and complain about the cost of education than learn in general (Proffitt 2006). III. Thesis- The reasons for the cost of textbooks are the publishers themselves, and while small things can be done to help students, nothing major enough to simply end the problem can be done about it, at least for a while. IV. Preview- Today I am going to talk discuss what publishers say about why they are raising the prices, things professors can do to help, and also talk about the way in which some states are helping to solve the problem. Body I. The reasons for the rise in the prices of college textbooks is because of the publishers, yet the publishers try to fight back and say that they must rise the prices for a few reasons which do not make much sense. A. First, they claim there is a need to come out with new editions simply because new material is always being discovered. 1. This may be true in some instances of course, yet the two calculus books I
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policyoutlineee - Deanne Trumpie Section 20 Introduction I...

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