Ant 1 april 24 2008

Ant 1 april 24 2008 - 4 problems in any given day Fighting...

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Unformatted text preview: 4 problems in any given day- Fighting, fleeing, eating, and population Feeding in primates- Primates’ diet differ- The relative proportion of each diet is a quite variable o But none of the primate species only consume on one type of food- Diet is a continuum, no sharp divisions. All species use many food resources - Some species use awful a lot of a particular food and it might be a key to its physiological feature Teeth and guts: function- Teeth o Penetrate foods’ physical defenses o Fracture, grind, crush food Increase surface area of the food and avoid choking o Preparation for digestion- Guts o Circumvent foods’ chemical defenses o Extract nutrients, calories Teeth and guts: design features- Teeth (and other chewing apparatus) o Number and relative size of different types of teeth o Shape and height of crests numbers and shape vary upon species . o enamel thickness o jaw robustness and musculature - guts o stomach volume and extent of subdivision o microorganisms to digest cellulose o total surface area - these variation are all shaped by natural selection Teeth characteristics fruit eaters - Fruit generally requires relatively little specialization, but usually have… (low calories and high in fiber, which consume volume in stomach but doesn’t provide much nutrients) o large, broad, incisors (piercing fruit husk) o rigid, bony palates (rubbing fruit against) o low, rounded molars (grinding) o strong lips (wadgeing)- seed spets have very thick molar enamel gum eaters - large prominent incisors (gouging holes in tree trunks)...
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Ant 1 april 24 2008 - 4 problems in any given day Fighting...

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