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Soc 1 april 30 2008

Soc 1 april 30 2008 - views o Imagine if the entire...

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Race - A group of people with inherited physical characteristics that are  believed to  distinguish it from other group - Race is a biological myth o Genetics o Superiority  - Race is a Social reality o Thomas Theorem: if people define situations as real, they will be real in  their consequences It’s a matter of fact o People assigned role, expectation, etc, based on their “race” We see these expectations as natural  Ethnicity - People who identify with one another on the basis of common ancestry and  cultural heritage rather than supposed biological characteristics  - Their sense of belonging may center on nation of origin, commonly culturally  acceptance. Video: The eye of the storm  - Once you take on a status, you internalize the role, expectation attached to the  status  - Young children are quite easy to take suggestions, especially controversial 
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Unformatted text preview: views. o Imagine if the entire structure of the society is promoting/ supporting such view to the children-If Expectation is high, performance low high; if expectation is low, performance is low o Asian American carries high expectation as model role, therefore, individuals from Asian American work hard to meet/ live up to the expectation -We absorb these boundaries, we police these boundaries, and we reproduce these boundaries Social Class-A large group of people who rank closely to one another in wealth, power, and prestige o Although it’s not usually mentioned, it still has a very profound effect on us -These three factors divide people with different life style, taste, world view, etc-We are socialized into a class group Video: People like us: social class in America -...
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Soc 1 april 30 2008 - views o Imagine if the entire...

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