Soc 1 april 9 2008

Soc 1 april 9 2008 - The purpose of research To bring about...

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Unformatted text preview: The purpose of research- To bring about a closer correspondence between what is and what we think is- The scientist tries to see things as they are, not as he or she wants them to be o What the empirical world exists out there is like empirical - Empirical o Objective and systematic observations of the world- Empirical research o Research based on objective and systematic observations Through observation, one attempts to figure out a pattern Theory- A set of statements or propositions that explains or predicts a particular aspect of social life Steps in a research process- It’s not necessary linear, can jump all over the place- 1) select a topic o What do you want to know more about?- 2) define the problem o Narrow the topic o What specific area of this general topic do you want to study? Eg, domestic violence • Narrow down to domestic violence among gay relationships, gender role in domestic violence, children’s development, etc- 3) review the literature o Find out what has already been researched about this topic- 4) formulate a hypothesis or a research question o Hypothesis What do you intend to test? What’s the relationship between the variables? • Variables: any characteristic, attitude, behavior, or event that can vary or change from one person or situation to another o Research question What do you want to know? Types of research questions: • Factual question: what happened? o During the 1980’s, there was an increase in the proportion of women in their thirties bearing children for the first time • Comparative question: did this happen everywhere?...
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Soc 1 april 9 2008 - The purpose of research To bring about...

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