Soc 1 april 14 + 16 2008

Soc 1 april 14 + 16 2008 - Personal representing object -...

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Personal representing object - Apply culture to meaningless objects Culture - The complex system of meaning that defines the way of life for a group of people or society and is passed from one generation to the next - Culture includes language gestures, beliefs, values, attitudes, norms, and material objects Characteristics of culture - It’s created o it’s the result of human endeavor (interaction and action) our maintenance and reproduction of the culture - It’s learned o It exists prior to our emergence into the world o We learn it through socialization We are not born with culture, but learned culture o We are born with a need for culture Propensity to learn - It’s shared o It’s collective rather an individual enterprise o If something is meaningful only to one individual, It’s useless in social sense. It’s meaningful only when it’s commonly accepted and shared - It’s taken for granted o We typically engage in hundreds of culture practice every day without knowing it You don’t see it, you don’t question it when you’re within the culture framework - It’s cumulative o It’s built on itself, it’s constantly being added to, it’s passed on from generation to generation - It’s malleable o Culture is never fixed. It develops as human adapts to their physical environment o We not only adapt culture but as well transform culture - It relies on symbolism o There’s no inherence between the object and the meaning Components of culture - Nonmaterial culture
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Soc 1 april 14 + 16 2008 - Personal representing object -...

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