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feb 19 and 21 - Economic anthropology Meaning of life...

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Economic anthropology Meaning of life questions a. Is hierarchy universal? b. Are people always maximizing their own self interest? c. Do different ways of making a living (e.g., foraging, agriculture, etc.) produce different levels of social equality and autonomy? d. does capitalism produce a single world order (McWorld) I. modes of Production different ways of making a living (mode of production) correspond with different forms of political authority a. political - Intensive agriculture leads to centralized political system. There’s a relationship between centralized state and agriculture. Mirror system: god/king controls the most resources - Every society that produces will have a resource managing system. b. some overlapping modes of production in European-American history: 1. slave-based - slaves produce value, in return, given just enough food/shelter. It exists in many forms across the planet. 2. Feudal - The mean of production is owned by the landlord. Peasants works part of his/her time on his own land and part of his/her time on the landlord’s land. 3. capitalist – industrial capitalism - a new economic system that become dominant in the 19th century. unlike feudalism, in capitalism, a worker is free
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and has no wealth. He sales his time to the capitalist in exchange for wage.
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