feb 13 - Understanding/ comprehending language o Speech...

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Language and intelligence Infant-directed speech (IDS) - 4 versions of melodies of infant directed speech: o Stimulation/attention o Encouragement/approval o Prohibiting o Comfort/soothing - This is universal in cultures - Not necessary direct to infant; it can be used in daily  conversation for different purposes IDS development - Even though IDS has little to do with language early in  infants life, it becomes important for language  development through a series of stages o Emotional salience o Associating the emotion with “meaning” o Acoustic highlighting of specific words - The emotional melodies is what matters the most Language and the brain - See notes Development of language  - Acquisition of language leads to changes in brain  organization - Shife towards left hemisphere dominant  Language  - Left hemisphere o Broca’s area Language production center o Wernicke’s area
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Unformatted text preview: Understanding/ comprehending language o Speech motor area Intelligence -Psychometric properties-Levels of analysis-Underlying processes Psychometric tradition-Statistical analysis of individual differences in mental ability-100 years of research o Charles Spearman (1904) Factor of analysis: Statistical technique to measure intelligence-Influence on mental testing o IQ tests Among the most accurate (in technical terms, reliable and valid) of all psychological tests and assessments Though often the most controversial o Broad individual variation in cognitive abilities Hierarchical nature-G-factor (general intelligence o Fluid intelligence (born) Spatial Speed Associations o Crystallized intelligence (learned) Verbal Scholastic information Raven’s Progressive Matrices-Fluid intelligence...
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feb 13 - Understanding/ comprehending language o Speech...

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