Mar 3 - Personality Personality An individual's...

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Personality Personality - An individual’s characteristic pattern of behaviors, thinking , emotions, and acting that is relatively stable over time and across situations Psychoanalytic perspective - In Freud clinical practice, Freud encountered patients suffering from nervous disorders. Their complaints could not be explained in terms of purely physical causes Psychodynamic perspective - The first comprehensive theory of personality o Unconscious mind (major part of who we are) o Psychosexual stages o Defense mechanisms () Exploring the unconscious - A reservoir (unconscious mind) of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories. Heavily relied on Dream analysis to tap the unconscious o Everything is driven by the secret desire o What dream means, what things in dream mean Model of mind - The mind is like an iceberg. It’s mostly hidden, and below the surface lies the unconscious mind o Conscious mind Obvious, what we know about ourselves o Unconscious mind What we might not recall, our secret desire Personality structure - Personality develops as a result of our efforts to resolve conflicts between our biological impulses (id) and social restraints (superego) o Id Sex, power, desire “devil” o Superego Pull back the id “angel”
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o Ego Executive mediator - Personality is to settle the conflict between id and superego Id, Ego, superego - The Id unconsciously strives to satisfy basic sexual and aggressive drives, operating on the pleasure principle, demanding immediate gratification - The Ego functions as the “executive” and mediates the demands of the id and superego - The superego provides standards for judgment (the conscience) and for future aspirations Defense mechanisms - The ego’s protective methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality o Regression Leads an individual faced with anxiety to retreat to a more infantile psychosexual stage Life is hard, go back to the young-age stage o Sucking thumb o repression Banishes anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories
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Mar 3 - Personality Personality An individual's...

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