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Zi S Chen Response #1 002-A06 Peter Berger discusses the basic quality for whoever wants to become a sociologist in his essay Invitation to Sociology . Sociology is a subject that crossing many other fields, such as anthropology, political science, history, and more; a sociologist must be curious in the people and circumstance around him. All men, events, institution are equally worth of in depth investigation to him. His strong curiosity will lead him to uncover what is behind each event. By trying to find out the answer for the essential questions “what are people doing with each other here” “what are their relationships to each other” “how are these relationships organized in institutions” “what are the collective ideas that move men and institutions”, sociologists are trying to find out the moving cause of the surface discipline. Yet sociologists are the professionals that are literally get into the disciplines and analyze them. And they turn out analyzing the disciplines into layers. In summary, he explains the
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