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response 6 - Zi Shun Chen Response 6 Elwell The Sociology...

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Zi Shun Chen Response 6 Elwell/ The Sociology of max Weber Bureaucracies are goal-oriented organization designed according to rational principles in order to efficiently attain their goals. It’s usually in conflict with traditions because it’s efficiency-seeking. Hierarchy is the layers within a bureaucracy organization. Individual’s good may be taken over for the group good. Bureaucracies are held by a small group of people in order to achieve the most efficient way in a decision making situation. This promotes the centralization of power in the hands of those very few people on the top of power. Bureaucracy undermines individual’s freedom and democracy. There may be restricting rules to limit what should one does and should not. However, one has little control over this situation. Nonetheless, what is good to the bureaucracy is not always good to the society as a whole. Ritzer/ The McDonaldization of Society
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