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Dinosaurs Midterm Flashcards - Evidence the dinosaurs...

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Unformatted text preview: Evidence the dinosaurs existed = fossils (Bones, footprints, eggs, some skin) Extremely rare Only in sedimentary rocks Fossil: the evidence of organic life in rocks Life Death Preservation Survival Discovery-Dinosauria: Group of land-dwelling reptiles that walked with straight legs tucked under their bodies Joseph Leidy- 1855-First North American dinosaur -Based on teeth (Montana)- Hadrosaurus partial skelton (New Jersey)-First vertebrae paelontologist 1860s to 1900s mad rush to find fossils in North America and Europe bitter and much publicized competition between rival paleontologists Changing perceptions of Dinosaurs- First 50 yrs : sluggish, brutish, large, lizard-like- 1900-1950s : large, slimmed down, bipedal, dragging tails- 1970s : Fast, super-athletes- Last 8 years : Feathers First dinosaur described was from England Science cannot be used to investigate supernatural world Dinosaurs are-land-living-extinct reptiles-all over world-variety of sizes Gideon Mantell-1825-described first dinosaur Iguanadon-wife found large teeth and bone scraps -extrapolate to 30 m long Dinosaurs were NOT only giant reptiles of Mesozoic-Lived from 65-230 million years ago in Mesozoic era Oldest to Most Recent Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous First dinosaurs appears in Triassic (230 MA)...
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Dinosaurs Midterm Flashcards - Evidence the dinosaurs...

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