COM 103 Chapter 6

COM 103 Chapter 6 - COM 103 Chapter 6 Outline Objectives:...

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COM 103 Chapter 6 Outline Objectives: To understand the basic characteristics of nonverbal communication To distinguish several functions of nonverbal communication To identify communicative effects of specific nonverbal cues To use nonverbal cues responsibly I. Basic Characteristics of Nonverbal Communication A. Nonverbal Communication Is Not Language 1. Nonverbal communication- messages expressed through symbols other than 2. Nonlinguistic- outside of language B. Nonverbal Communication Is Often Linked to Our Emotions 1. Intrinsic- inherently connected to our inner feelings or emotions C. Nonverbal Communication Is Highly Contextual 1. Nonverbal cues are especially for communicating affective or emotional messages D. Nonverbal Communication Is Influenced by Culture and Gender 1. Various cultures and co-cultures use different repertoires of nonverbal cues, just as different languages use different sounds E. Nonverbal Communication Is Continuous 1. Continuous- nonverbal messages flow in steady streams of cues rather than individual distinct bits of information II. Functions of Nonverbal Communications A. Accenting Verbal Communication 1. Accent- to highlight, accentuate emphasize, or draw attention to phrases or words 2. Nonverbal cues accent verbal communication B. Complementing Verbal Communication
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COM 103 Chapter 6 - COM 103 Chapter 6 Outline Objectives:...

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