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Caitlin Maruyama August 28, 2006 Com 103 Chapter 1 Outline Objectives: To define communication To understand a model of communication and identify basic elements of communication To explain characteristics of the communication process To consider the guiding principles of communicators I. Why study communication? A. Communication in Relationships 1. Communication = basis of relationships 2. People that communicate well = healthier lives 3. Use communication to learn about other people we interact with a. Asking questions b. Debating answers 4. Use to achieve specific results B. Communication and Society 1. 2. 3. Necessary for a healthy democracy C. Communication and Changing Technology 1. New technologies and demands of global markets create expectations a. Everyone has good interpersonal skills b. Everyone has good presentational skills 2. Employees are expected to handle messages a. Create b. Transmit c. Interpret 3. Employees that are better communicators compete for higher positions D. Communication in a Diverse Workplace 1. Population becomes increasing diverse a. We need to understand multiple perspectives 2. All forms of communication need to be taken seriously II. Defining Communication Communication- the process of creating and sharing meaning through the use of symbols A. Communication is a Process 1. The was the process unfolds affects everyone involved B. We Create and Share Meaning through Communication C. Communication is Symbolic symbols- words, images, gestures, and expressions we use to represent our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and feelings
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III. Communication as a Discipline A. How can anxiety about public speaking be managed? B.
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Backup of COM103Chapter1Outline - Caitlin Maruyama August...

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