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Unformatted text preview: Musi Nde March 5, 2008 Religion 100 Dr. Mullen Theodicy and Ethics in Religion As humans beings age, they tend to question their existence and struggle to grasp some sort of meaning in life. As they question their life and events in their lives, they tend to question the occurrence of suffering within their lives. Suffering is a regular part of existence, people do not know why it happens, but it does. Religion alters the way people view suffering because each religion has its own interpretation as to why people suffer. For example, the Buddhists claim that suffering is caused by negative Karma acquired from past lives, while others, such as John Hick, made claims that stated that suffering is caused by God challenging each person. Through God's challenges, people are able to grow. It is because of people questioning their existence and the presence of evil that Theodicy was formed as a method of answering their questions. Theodicy attempts to justify God's actions in the face of evil. Though the term is slightly biased due to the fact that it requires that there be some sort of God. of evil....
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