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Biochemistry Task 4 Deborah Tschopp 00057108 November 7, 2016 1. Enzymes proteins work faster when heated and slower when cold affecting the use of energy used in the process but remain unchanged at the end of the chemical reaction this is how catalysts are used. Some enzymes work better in heated environments producing faster reactions or colder environment will have a slower speed. Levels of PH also affect the reaction time as well making it easier or harder to perform its job. Enzymes are precise
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fit to a substrate with an active site to fit the substrate that it uses to create a reaction and also able to reverse the reaction working both ways. The Heat and PH of substrates dictates how the reaction will perform. Vij, A. (2015). Chapter-27 Enzymes. Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry Made Easy for Nurses, 730-732. doi:10.5005/jp/books/12633_28 2. Online Videos | Online Courses - Math & Science online video courses. (n.d.)Retrieved October 05, 2016, from 3.
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