Lecture 2-20-2007

Lecture 2-20-2007 - Political Science 104 - Intro to...

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Political Science 104 - Intro to American Government Lecture February 20, 2007 Key characteristics of Congress Functions as both representative and lawmaking body Two forces will collide and requires balances of interests. Representation vs. lawmaking (local vs. national intersts) Determines its own internal organization and operating rules Majoritarian Institution Everything is done by a majority vote. There are no formal distinctions between members of congress (No Hierarchy except for the leadership structures…Speaker, etc.) o All of these characteristics make Congress very inefficient. These decision rules have consequences Characteristics multiple veto points Few bills make it through o 5 and 10% of legislation that is presented actually passes Congress Critical importance of legislative procedure Division of labor/Committee system House and Senate differences Related to the size House is much more rigid and organized than Senate Senate has unlimited debate. Inefficiencies A lot of talk and not a whole lot of action
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Madison House (57) : close ties between members and constituents (frequent elections,
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Lecture 2-20-2007 - Political Science 104 - Intro to...

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