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Geog Study Guide II - *CONCEPT Denudation Description A...

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Denudation Description A general term that refers to all processes that cause degradation of landforms, including weathering, mass movement, erosion, and transport. QUESTION: What is the important initial process in preparing Geologic Materials for the Denudation Process? ANSWER: Their transformation into materials that are less resistant to Gravitational, Erosional, and Transport by the process of Weathering ***CONCEPT: Weathering Description The processes by which surface and subsurface rocks disintegrate, or dissolve, or are broken down. Rocks at or near Earth's surface are exposed to physical and chemical weathering processes. The spontaneous and essentially irreversible process reponse of rocks (and their constituent Minerals in particular) to conditions at the earth's surface. Weathering is process by which rocks break down prepares rocks for transportation underlies formation of regolith is basis of soil development is basis for plant life results in chemical composition of oceans **CONCEPT: Weathered Rock **CONCEPT: Regolith The layer of loose, heteogeneous material lying on top of bedrock; includes soil, unweathered fdragments of parent rock, and rock fragments weathered from the bedrock. ***CONCEPT:
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Geog Study Guide II - *CONCEPT Denudation Description A...

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