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Geog Study Guide III - *CONCEPT: Soil Description A dynamic...

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***CONCEPT: Soil Description A dynamic natural body made up of fine materials covering Earth's surface in which plants grow, composed of both mineral and organic matter. A natural body of consisting of layers or horizons of mineral and/or organic matter which differ from the parent material in their physical, chemical, morphological, and mineralgical properties (Birkeland, 1984). **CONCEPT: Soil Composition **CONCEPT: Inorganic Soil Material ***CONCEPT: (Soil) Mineral Description An element or combination of elements that forms an inorganic natural compound; described by a specific formula and crystal structure. **CONCEPT: (Soil) Clay Mineral **CONCEPT: Soil Colloid **CONCEPT: Organic Soil Material ***CONCEPT: Humus Description A mixture of organic debris in the soil, worked by consumers and decomposers in the humification process; characteristically formed from plant and animal litter deposited at the surface. Humus is a temporary intermediate product left after considerable decomposition of plant and animal remains (Miller and Donahue, 1995). Coats mineral particles and cements them together.
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Geog Study Guide III - *CONCEPT: Soil Description A dynamic...

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