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Duong 1 Mimi Duong Prof. Andrea Jain RELS 3396, Sec 32860 24 April 2008 Title Throughout historical documents, historically significant individuals are often referenced with identifying factors that signifies their social or economic status. Most frequently among women figures, descriptive phrases include a familial connection with the closest related male in their lives; common expressions are “wife of” or “mother of”. In Indian tradition, the phrases are not additional information to further describe the individual female, but the only distinguishing factor in the identity of the woman. Therefore, if a woman was widowed or bore no sons, she would essentially have no social standing in Indian social culture. A social identity helps the understanding of its innermost nature; the The basic understanding of the role of women as understood by Indian culture is broken down into the whimsical structures of their minds. In the document, Manusmrti , women’s very nature is described as uncontrollable in the restrictions of physical desires and therefore, unpredictable and dangerous. “The bed and the seat, jewellery, lust, anger, crookedness, a malicious nature, and bad conduct are what Manu assigned to women. There is no ritual with Vedic verses for women; this is a firmly established point of law. For women, who have no virile strength and no Vedic verses, are falsehood; this is well established" (Doniger 198). Therefore, according to direct Hindu text, the nature of women as inferior to the power of men is clearly and drawn out in spiritual teachings. From the very nature of a female individual, a man’s own dharma regarding his daughter, wife, etc. is assigned the power to ensure her moral
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Final Paper Outline - Duong 1 Mimi Duong Prof Andrea Jain...

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