The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Notes

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Notes - The Girl in the...

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The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Aimee Bender The style is that there is this human thing that is there that is not taken care of. The depravity manifests itself in interesting kind of ways. - You lose your father, or your husband comes home from the war without lips. - They attempt to take care of this thing that is nagging and bothering, and it manifests itself in disturbing way. - There is a dreamy fairytale quality about these stories – they come across as playful, but they are very, very edgy, dark stories when you really examine them more closely. - The characters don’t react the way we expect them to react. - The main characters are usually young, single woman, that need something o It has to do with desiring and being desired. In most cultures, women prepare themselves to be desired. The natural order of things is for woman to want to be desired and men want to desire women— o What happens is that idea goes off track in some way, the story changes, there is a transition with the woman also wanting to be the one to desire and we get a strange kind of tension and confusing that we find in Bender’s stories. What we’re getting here, in these stories, is the transition out of this conventional female space that seems to deny desire and fantasy—but when it does escape, it seems to escape into male fantasy. Every time that they move out the conventional space, the mode at which they go about being free means adapting to the masculine space. Quiet Please It plays off of the stereotype of the librarian—her father has just died and we can assume that she doesn’t know how to deal with the grief so she goes back to work and propositions every man that approaches her desk. They’re not sure what she’s doing, but she acts out of their own attentions—she caters to the fantasies that the men have in order to get what she thinks she needs to satisfy her grief. The men are not aware that she’s playing off of their fantasy. - “Inside the back room, the woman has crawled out from underneath the man. Now fuck me like a god she tells him. She grips a pillow in her fists and he breathes behind her, hot air down her back which is starting to sweat and slip on his stomach. She doesn’t want him to see her face because it is blowing up inside, red and furious, and she’s grimacing at the pale white wall which is cool when she puts her hand on it to help her push back into him, get his dick to fill up her body until there’s nothing left of her inside: just dick.” - “The woman is a librarian and today her father has died. She got a hone call from her weeping mother in the morning, threw up and then dressed for work.” - “He lets out a weird sound and she says shhh, this is a library. She has her hair back and the glasses on but everyone has a librarian fantasy and she is truly a babe underneath.”
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She has not only grief about the death of her father; she also holds a lot of guilt. Her reaction to her father’s death is wanting to have sex. -
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The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Notes - The Girl in the...

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