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UNIT 2-HCM610-(GP)(IP)-JMAYS - To The National Disease...

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To: The National Disease Convention From: Faculty and Staff Members Date: October 14, 2011 Subject: Strategies for the development of the diseases prevention As you all know that an individual that deals with some type of disease such as hypertension, diabetes, and any type of other brain disorders will think they life is decreasing whether or not they get profession medical help. However, my chair members and I had came up with different type of opinions on how the strategies to prevent the diseases. I had list the opinions from each member at the end of the memo. Therefore everyone should know where the prevention of these diseases should start from and only not the medical personnel. If everyone comes together such as the communities, the medical facilities, and the board of trustees from the medical board review to work out a strategy plan once a disease occurs or if it doesn’t occur. In reviewing and gathering research on these chronic diseases we need to make effort to ensure that all the individuals completely understand their part in trying to deal with the disease, then taking the steps to move forward and figuring out on how to control it. It may sound a bit crazy but as you all know once an individual gets one of these diseases they may think that their life is over and don’t know how to deal with the situation. I truly believe that is a myth due to plenty of reasons. Taking control of their lives will help the medical profession deal with the intake of these diseases that are going around. To better tackle the situation if the state, town, or city enforces these people in the community to seek medical help before a disease may occur then it will be easier on all the individuals to deal with. In closing remember as a group of medical professions, the community, the state, and city or town we need to gather as one so we can figure out how we can help the individuals with
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these chronic diseases and keep moving on with their life. Some individuals think that this is the
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