McCarthyism and Blacklist Subversives

McCarthyism and Blacklist Subversives - 00000 1 00000 Prof...

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00000 1 00000 Prof. John Ryan HIST 1378, Sec 0102 8 August 2007 McCarthyism and Blacklist Subversives Subversion is an attempt to uproot power structures to entice a rebellion. Subversive activity has been expanded throughout history to include even the lending of moral support to efforts that support the right to overthrow governments by aggressive force. Such activity can be deemed as treason, sabotage, or espionage. In American political history, subversion at one time included post-modern feminism as a form of subversion because it promoted patriarchy, individualism, and scientific rationalism that threatened government authority. In 1952, Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy is most known for saying the word, “I have here in my hand, a list of 205 Communists that were made known the Secretary of State and who are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.” McCarthy’s outburst, factually unfounded, created turmoil as Americans actively searched for explanations and attempted to defend themselves against American traitors. Although the 1952 term is used to describe intense anti-Communism in America, the sentiment has long existed in the 1940’s. “McCarthyism” took on the more general meaning the Second Red Scare. During this time period, thousands of Americans were accused of being Communists were insistently investigated by government officials to ease the tension of the American public. McCarthy specifically targeted politicians, the movie
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McCarthyism and Blacklist Subversives - 00000 1 00000 Prof...

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