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Yippie Movement - 000000 1 000000 Prof John Ryan HIST 1378...

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000000 1 000000 Prof. John Ryan HIST 1378, Sec 0102 7 August 2007 Youth at The Chicago Convention Amidst the combined turmoil of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the national protests against the Vietnam War, anti-war college students were forming organizations around the country. In fact, throughout the spring of 1968, just months from a U.S. Democratic National Convention, a coalition of antiwar groups were preparing a substantial number of people, originally 500,000, for a peace demonstration outside the International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois where the convention was to take place. Rumor of a large number of people in his city, Mayor Richard Daley publicly announced that protests of any kind would be refused permits and called for any force necessary to subdue crowds that appear in the city. However, many Democrats were apprehensive about Daley’s aggressive approach. Lyndon B. Johnson, although not participating in the convention, was urged to stay away from the area in case the demonstration turned violent. For only the fact that politicians considered the possibility of violence, proved to show the turbulence of American society in equal civil rights and war protest sentiments. In the months of preparation for the Chicago peace demonstration, thousands of young men drafted publicly burned their draft cards in a violent response to the foreign war. Demonstrators blocked trains supplying military equipment and army induction centers, usually always ending in vicious confrontations with local police. Colleges around
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000000 2 the country particularly got involved with anti-war actions. For instance, Columbia University students seized and trashed several campus buildings that researched “war- related” information.
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