for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide /

for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide / - ooooo 1...

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ooooo 1 000000 Prof. Intro to Theatre 1331 17 October 2007 for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide / when the Rainbow is Enuf Critique “Remember, we meet at 7:30 at the corner of Holman and La Branch. Okay? Holman and La Branch. Don’t forget! 7:30PM!” With four years of theater experience under my belt, I know the extreme importance of being early to a performance (despite being late to everything else in my life). I realize that if an attendant is late, they cannot get in until intermission; and because for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide had no intermission, latecomers would be non- comers. Unfortunately, I did not relay the message accurately to my friends. I received a call at 7:45PM from two of my friends who paying their check at some restaurant in midtown and a text from another friend who was lost in the Fine Arts Building. This was my mindset as I walked through the doors and under the glass ceiling of the Theater One Building. I was so thankful I had a chance to physically walk to the theater doors the week before so that I, myself, could avoid walking confusedly through a wrong building. Walking up the special marble staircase, I was still receiving texts from my friends like, “Are you sure it’s not at the corner of Elgin and Travis? The building says ‘HCC’.” Thankfully, the box office breezed me through the entrance and the usher handed me a program with a smile and an “enjoy the play!” Sitting in the first row near the center, I nervously checked my watch and hoped my friends could make it. I could barely take in the performance room around me. When I did, I realized how different it looked from my class visit. The cozy personal room was
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ooooo 2 lit up by lights shining from the ceiling and ground splashing across the screens set up on the performance area. The lights were patterned and seemed to make the room bigger, bouncing off the paint splattered across the floor. There were people sitting in each of the three sections of the room, filling up about half the seats. The seats made a very close U-Shape around the performers, literally breaking down the performer’s fourth wall. At first, it made me uncomfortable knowing I might be looking in the eyes of the performers, but excited me by its unique approach. Light jazz music was playing and the room lights were on, making the wait for
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for Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide / - ooooo 1...

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