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Lecture 24 -- Mammals-I Slide-2: Mammalia is a ___________________ in the Subphylum ________________ in the Phylum _______________________. Slide-3: Mammals are further subdivided into 2 Subclasses 1. The Prototherias includes the Monotremes, or __________________ - laying mammals 2. The second sub-class, Theria, includes both the pouched mammals, or ____________________ as well as the Placental mammals Slide-5: Mammalian evolution: Mammals are thought to have evolved about ____________ mya Mammals arose from reptile-like predecessors, called the ________________ since the skull had one opening. The _______________ evolved from this group and the only group to survive was the ___________________ and this group gave rise to the mammals of today. Slide-6: Mammals are ___________________ in that they can keep and use the waste heat in their body; they are __________________ in that they have a set temperature which is usually higher than the environment. The higher internal body temperature allows mammals to operate at peak efficiency and to live in a much wider range of habitats Mammals have extremely ____________ metabolisms
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Mammals are able to cool their bodies by unique cooling mechanisms: 1. _sweating_ 2. _panting_ 3 some mammals have large vascularized ears Slide-8: The one unique feature of mammals is that they have __fur__, made of keratin, and derived from the epidermis. (Birds have __feathers__; mammals have ___hair__) Slide-9: Most mammals have a double coat of fur. The __outer guard__ coat consists of guard hairs, is course in texture, and functions in protection. The __under hair__ coat consists of very dense hair and is specialized for _insulation_ . Hair can be modified such as into _vibrissae_ (whiskers), _horns_
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Lect24-2008-MammalsI - Lecture 24 -Mammals-I Slide-2:...

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