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Classical Mythology pg 21-29

Classical Mythology pg 21-29 - Hera's Assistance...

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Hera’s Assistance - Iris (messenger goddess sent by Hera) sent to seek help of Thetis (mother of Achilles and is a sea goddess/nymph), Hephaistos (stop working in his forge so there is less heat and such) and Aiolos (god of wind and is told to keep the winds blowing solidly) - Peleus (mortal man) and Thetis, are the parents of Achilles. Achilles would be put in a fire every night, holding his heel, and basically makes him immortal except for his heel. Her husband Peleus walks in and is like what are you doing to our baby?! And she’s annoyed and is like ITS OVER! - Thetis and Nereids help direct Argo around Skylla and Charybdis - Scylla’s (6 headed monster of the sea) genealogy- Phorkos (Phorkys – a sea god featuring monsters) and Hecate (turning into a monstrous goddess of the underworld) - Hera’s prophecy to Thetis- Medea and Achilles in the Elysian Fields! Medea will be closely associated to Achilles! In fact married! So you better help em out cuz Achilles is your son! March 31, 2008 Phaeacians (still argonautica) - Alcinous and Arete - Genealogy of the Phaeacians- Born from the blood of Ouranos, when he was castrated - Decision of Alcinous. Arte and her husband discuss whether or not he will send Medea back. Her husband says I wont send her back if she is married, and Medea and Jason get married and marriage is consumated - The Cave (Nymphs and Kuretes attend) – reference to baby Zeus Argo in Libya - Three indigenous goddesses in goatskin - Oracle: Whenever Amphitrite loosens the chariot of Poseidon, give recompense to your mother for carrying you in her belly - Horse dashes from the wave Peleus interprets - They carry the Argo (ship) on their back through libya - Herakles; Hesperides tell Argonauts about stream The End… - Crete guarded by bronze Talos - Last of the bronze age men, born from ash trees - Spell of Medea, ichor of Talos - Darkest night, epiphany of Apollo as he manifests in front of them and he lifts the darkness; aetiology - Euphemos told in vision to trust clod to the Nereids - Creation of island Kalliste (Thera)- Thera would later found Cyrene, City in North Africa - Cyrene founded 631 BCE; Ruled by Ptolemies (Alexandrea) in 3 rd cent BCE
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After the Argo and the Golden Fleece - Hesiod Theogony 1000; “The son of Aison…” - Jason and Medea in Corinth (after Colehis) - Jason wants to marry Glauke/ Creusa, (wants third wife, plays role of suitor) the daughter of King Creon (not the Theban King) - Medea: Maiden, mother, crone (without medea’s consent, third marriage will not take place) - Medea and Ino- exogamic bride, child killing, mysterious exit Medea the Exile - Living in Corinth, alone and completely dependent on Jason and Eurypidese plays on this notion for his own world - The polis(the ideal a city? It defines who an individual is.) defines the individual - Medea the foreignor; barbarian (literally means someone who cant speak greek, a barbarian speaking is savage and sounds like bar bar bar bar bar bar bar!
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Classical Mythology pg 21-29 - Hera's Assistance...

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