Classical Mythology pg 11-15

Classical Mythology pg 11-15 - Typhoios/Typhon- Role of...

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Unformatted text preview: Typhoios/Typhon- Role of Earth and Tartarus- Hybrid monster, multi-lingual (threat to the cosmos)- Basically a push over for Zeus, Role of techne in Zeus victory (kills with thunderbolts)- (A)etiologies: Destructive Winds, Mt. Aetna Zeus the Monster-Killer- First he has a threatened birth (Dad is gonna eat him)- Birth is significant or celebrated but very concealed- After that, Zeus doesnt remain in Crete, he travels- He acquires his gear, weapons, lightning bolts that were made by the Cyclopedes- Defeats monster, often serpentine- Honors (timai)- Often killing of monster is linked to Aetiology Proliferation: The Wives of Zeus 1. Metis (wisdom, cleverness)- Athena (Tritogeneia born from Zeuss head after he eats Metis) Feb. 8 th , 2008 Apollodorus- No birth of Aphrodite from blood and sea- just the simple daughter of Zeus- Aetiology: The role of the Curetes(male youth) in Crete (they ran around banging shields and yelling to cover up the new born babies crying and mothers birthing pains so Cronos wont hear): Cretan Theogony- Titanomachy: Role of Poseidon and Hades; Trident (three-tooth) and helmet (Hades gets this helmet, gives him invisibility); casting lots (basically drawing straws for power over the underworld, sky, and sea) for the three realms (sky, underworld, sea). (Zeus basically gets a bunch of help from those two brothers and gets control of sky)- Gigantomachy: Athena (joins in battle and kills Pallas) skins Pallas (wears his skin); Heracles helps the Olympians Typhon (Typhoios)- Escape of the gods to Egypt, who took the form of animals to escape from Typhoios explains why Egyptians worship animals o Polytheism, theriomorphism vs. anthropomorphism- Typhon severely wounds Zeus by cutting off his tendons and hiding them away- So Zeus gets help; the Fates perform a food trick on Typhon, which weakens him. Role of Hermes: puts tendons back in Zeus. The return of Zeus and slays Typhon Versions of the Creation of Humans (Various Authors)- Rocks- autochthony (birth from the earth, specifically from rocks)- Ash-trees- For the race of the bronze age- Blood of the Giants- Prometheus (from clay) Prometheus (In Hesiod)- Contrast to Hecate, another intermediary between gods and mortals- The family of Iapetos- Atlas (punished, holding up the pillars of the sky for...
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Classical Mythology pg 11-15 - Typhoios/Typhon- Role of...

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