Classical Mythology pg 6-10

Classical Mythology pg 6-10 - Dead Heroes Trojan War Heroes...

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Dead Heroes - Trojan War Heroes- Agamemnon, Achilles, Ajax - Heroes- Minos (king of Crete), Orion, Herakles o Why not the White Islands? o Hakles (601)- an interpolation? - Punishments- Tityos (attempted to rape a goddess, bird picks at his liver all eternity), Tantalus, Sisyphus (boulder push up hill = impossible) - Unlawful sex, food, transgression or theft 1/30/08 Sailing Stories - Women ( You will hear these Sirens, whom you will be enticed by, but by following them, you are likely to have a shipwreck among some rocks), monster (Scylla lives in a cave and she likes to eat men, she has six heads, all of which are hungry, and as you pass her place in the ocean, you must resign yourself to loosing 6 men as her head comes out of the water and don’t fight the monster for she will simply eat 6 more men again), eating (Helios has some Cattle and you mustn’t eat the cattle of the Sun, for he will be angry and make life very difficult) - Book 12 begins with Circes telling Odysseus of 3 dangers (stated above) - She is basically telling him to renounce his quest as an exodomic suitor - He tells his men that they are coming to the Sirens singing songs of kleos, and he puts wax in his men’s ear and he orders them to tie him to the mast and he doesn’t use wax. - The sirens call upon him by name and sing songs of immortal glory that all heroes strive to achieve (songs of kleos) - There are some dangers that are not mentioned one of which are the Wandering Rocks, Scylla, and Charybdis (a massive whirpool that sucks everything underwater) - He ends up just letting 6 of his men get eaten and they arrive at The Cattle of The Sun (Helios) - He tells his men not to eat any cattle - He takes a nap and while he is sleeping, his men go and eat the cattle, wherein he wakes up and is like Oh shit because while it is cooking, the cattle move and moo and such…while it’s cooking! - All his men die and he barely survives on a plank of wood as his ship gets sucked into Charybdis - Aeolus- god of the winds? He lives on an island and the daughters are married to the sons (Incestous children, no community) - He is a very nice host and shows xenia to Odysseus and takes the three winds and puts them in a bag and leaves the one wind that will take him home while he sails the seas - He takes a nap next to the bag and his men see the bag and they open the bag and Odysseus’s ship gets blown way off course - After his men do this, there is the oldest reference to suicide ever, as he considers whether or not to throw himself into the open seas
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- He goes back to Aeolus, but Aeolus says that Odysseus is hated by the Gods and kicks him off the island
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Classical Mythology pg 6-10 - Dead Heroes Trojan War Heroes...

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