Classical Mythology pg 16-20

Classical Mythology pg 16-20 - Laurel(Daphne Aetiology...

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Laurel (Daphne) Aetiology - Pythian games- Laurel for victory in a race - Daphne- Apollo’s first love story; very unlucky and unfortunate one that doesn’t work out - The anger of Cupid (Eros)- child of Venus - Woman becomes an object – a tree. So she doesn’t lose her virginity…. - Roman laurel- Laurel for the celebration of Roman triumphs (subject nations were personified as women) March 05, 08 Perseus, the monster killer - Danae locked away by Acrisios because she will have a baby that will kill her father - Zeus turns into a Golden shower and impregnates her - A few years pass and one day Acrisios hears a baby crying so Danae and Perseus (her new son) is placed in a chest and thrown into an ocean - Dictys comes to the rescue, but he has a bad brother named Polydectes who wants Danae - Polydectes throws a party and is like yo, bring me cool shit, and Perseus is told his gift of a horse isn’t good enough and Polydectes is like no I want the head of the Gorgon - So Perseus gets devine help from Hermes and some other fools and they tell him, yo get some sweet gear and stuff. - So hes like where do I get it? And they said you gotta get it from some nymphs and hes like where is that and they tell him that he has to go to the Three Graia (Graeae) – scary old crones that know everything and don’t have teeth or eyes and between the three of them they have one tooth and one eye. So they can’t talk without the tooth and cant see without the eye. - Perseus creeps on them and steals the eye and tooth an is like, ill give it back if you tell me where to find those nymphs - So he gets to the nymphs that give him Gear- sandals, wallet, and cap of Hades Gorgon/Medusa - Theogony 275: (the other three gorgon sisters) Ocean, Night’s Frontier, Heperides - West and death; katabasis? (meaning “going down”) - Gorgon/Medusa and Poseidon - Medusa is the only mortal one that can be slain, the others are immortal - She was very beautiful and had amazing hair and Poseidon was like, whats up hotty and took Medusa to Athena’s temple and raped her - Athena was pissed that her temple was defiled so since she couldn’t do anything to Poseidon, she turned Medusa’s hair into scary ass snakes and her into a crazy monster that was so ugly that she turned people into stone - Perseus kills her and puts her head on Athena’s Aegis
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- Perseus can then use her head to turn people into stone and while hes flying around using his winged sandals, dripping blood from the severed head, the blood drops creating snakes in Libya. -
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Classical Mythology pg 16-20 - Laurel(Daphne Aetiology...

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