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term paper FBI - Before 1908 the Justice Department had no...

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Before 1908, the Justice Department had no organized force of investigators to gather evidence. The Justice Department relied on detectives that were part of the Secret Service and, for a while even private detectives. The U.S. Secret Service was initially controlled by the Department of Treasury, as its primary duties were to investigate the widespread counterfeiting and currency violations that followed the Civil War. Sixty Secret Service operatives were needed in 1906 and sixty-five the next year. These operations were handled by a reserve force that the Secret Service kept to help other departments. This system seemed to work for a few years, but in 1906, Congress thought of it as a flawed system. Appropriations Committee chairman James Tawney questioned Assistant Attorney General Glover where the Department of Justice was getting their “secret service” detectives. Glover replied that it was mainly from the Treasury Department. Tawney then asked why the Justice Department didn’t rely on its own investigators. Glover’s answer was that there weren’t enough personnel in the Department of Justice that were qualified for the work that was needed. Tawney argued that the Secret Service loan program was not right because it authorized a secret-service bureau in every Department, and therefore created a system of espionage in the U.S. which according to him “was completely inconsistent with the theory of our government.” Assistant Attorney General Glover insisted that the Justice Department needed detectives to investigate “violations of the law.” Tawney then added that the Justice Department should be given all the necessary tools to conduct prosecutions and if other departments needed to use the secret-service men they should obtain authority from Congress. In 1907, Charles Bonaparte was appointed Attorney General and was convinced that the use of the Secret-Service investigators was becoming a problem. He felt that his lack of complete control over the investigators meant that he had no direct information as to what they did, even though he somewhat controlled the expenses of the investigators. Bonaparte demanded that this
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be changed, and asked that a permanent detective force under his immediate control be made. In 1908, Bonaparte followed up his request in person, and complained to the House Appropriation subcommittee that the Justice Department had to rely on the secret service of the Treasury Department which was getting more expensive to do. As the debate began to wind down, Representative Driscoll suggested that there should be
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term paper FBI - Before 1908 the Justice Department had no...

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