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Jose Ponce Comm. 1310 Section 1261 Informative Speech Outline The FBI: The Nation’s Most Sophisticated Federal Law Enforcement Agency Topic: The FBI Organization: Topical Specific Purpose : I would like my audience to understand several important aspects of the FBI, and why how these aspects make them an elite law enforcement agency. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter : Imagine a nation where we wouldn’t have a law enforcement agency that protects us from crimes such as terrorist attacks, corruption, organized crime, cyber crimes, and civil rights violations. The nation would be chaotic and we would live in fear of these very serious crimes. II. Relevance : Although the majority of people might never come in contact with an FBI agent, they still play a vital role in the every day lives of all of us. I say this because most of us wouldn’t like a country where we would wake up to the sounds of explosions due to terrorist attacks, or having the fear of our rights being violated by our local police or any other government official because of corruption. Or simply the fear of walking out of your house onto the streets because of the fear of getting shot now that the mafia and drug lords run the streets. III. Credibility : I chose the FBI as my topic because I am a criminal justice major and actually did a research paper on them my freshman year. And I found the FBI to be the most intriguing and sophisticated agency in the world. And one of my long-term goals is to actually work for the FBI someday. IV.
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speech fbi - Jose Ponce Comm. 1310 Section 1261 Informative...

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