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Test 2 Q&A - Test 2 Q&A Sunday 11:39 PM 1 As...

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Sunday, March 16, 2008 11:39 PM 1. As officers enter the profession, learning about the CJ system can be a shock. The reason for this is that new officers have? Police officers are "insiders" which means they have firsthand knowledge about how the system works. 2. The principle of seniority means? Officers with more experience have first priority in requesting assignments. 3. Public stereotypes about officers have generally been? Some people think they enjoy using force. 4. Secrecy and the code of silence mean? Officers refuse to testify against other officers who are accused of misconduct. 5. Egon Bittner has written that police officers have 2 powers that no other occupations have, what are they? The power to deprive people of their liberty (arrest) and, most important, the legal authority to take a life. 6. What are the three symbols of police that citizens are very contious of? The uniform, the badge, and weapon 7. The norms of police may conflict with constitutional standards and the what? Rights of suspects (pg. 163)
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Test 2 Q&A - Test 2 Q&A Sunday 11:39 PM 1 As...

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