Sociology theories

Sociology theories - and eventually escalated to the point...

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Jose Ponce Soc. 1310-6 Using functionalism one could say that there are several people/groups that had certain roles which led to this girl’s action. One might say that the school had something to do with this considering that not much was done about bullying in the school. Rules and regulations help organize relationships between members of society, and clearly the school didn’t do a good job in this aspect. Elizabeth’s classmates which bullied her also played a vital role in this situation. Functionalists believe that one can compare society to a living organism, in that both a society and an organism are made up of interdependent working parts and systems that must function together in order for the greater body to function. Elizabeth and her classmates clearly weren’t functioning together which consequently led to conflict. With conflict theory, one can conclude that Elizabeth wasn’t your “ordinary” teen and had different ideologies than those of her classmates. This led to conflict between them
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Unformatted text preview: and eventually escalated to the point to where Elizabeth could no longer tolerate the abuse. This is usually the case with school shootings due to the wide varieties of personalities amongst teenagers. Teens usually feel pressured to “fitting in” and when they are unable to, they usually feel as if something may be wrong with them leading to depression, as this was the case with Elizabeth. With symbolic interactionism, Elizabeth used her violence as a form of expressing herself. She was fed up with her classmates attitudes towards her and felt helpless, which led to the extreme action of shooting a fellow classmate. Her action symbolized how Jose Ponce Soc. 1310-6 defenseless she felt and how much damage her classmates actions were actually causing her. Elizabeth’s action was another way of saying “I’ve had enough.”...
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Sociology theories - and eventually escalated to the point...

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