Cultural event Nacimiento. 2003

Cultural event Nacimiento. 2003 - waterfall, a mirror pond,...

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2/02/07 Jose Ponce My other cultural event was an event that takes place every year in my family. This event is “El Nacimiento del Niño Dios” or the birth of Jesus Christ. We do it every year in memory of my great grandmother. It takes place at my great grandmother’s old house some time in December. Most of my Mother’s side of the family attends this event. The event usually consists of two teenagers from our family which have completed their communion and an older member of the family. The two teenagers are the ones that are holding onto to the baby Jesus, and are usually dressing him throughout the prayer. The older member of the family is the one who does all the prayer. The adornment “el Nacimiento” consists of many objects. The creation of the basic landscape begins with papel roca draped over tables, taped onto boxes, crushed and shaped to form a multi-leveled, natural looking terrain that frequently includes a series of hills and dales, a cellophane
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Unformatted text preview: waterfall, a mirror pond, artificial trees, cacti, palm trees, and little houses set to form an entire village scene. This nacimiento event is actually one of many Christmas events celebrated in Mexico. Some other events along with the nacimiento are las posadas, las pastorelas, noche Buena, los santos inocentes, los reyes magos, and many more. This event made me realize how serious Mexicans families take their religion. I personally am not as religious as my family is, and sometimes dont understand why certain things are tradition in my family. What I do notice is that little things like these events seem to create a stronger bond amongst families, even though some of us dont quite understand them. Usually during December there are many events going on in Mexico due to religion and I have had the chance through live through these events. Im not saying that American families arent as religious, but I have yet to experience anything like this in America....
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