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Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review - Psychology 101 Final Exam Review Sheet...

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Psychology 101 Spring 2007 Final Exam Review Sheet The final exam for 101A is on Wednesday 5/9 at 8:00 am. The final exam for 101B is on Monday, 5/7 at 12:00. ½ new, ½ old Begin your review by comparing the information from your previous exams with what was put on the review sheets. Identify areas where you had trouble and pay particular attention to those areas when you study. Any of the information on the previous 2 review sheets is fair game on the exam. Additional areas that I identified below are places that students seemed to have more difficulty with than others and you can expect them to appear on the exam. Lastly, I’ve included review information for the last 4 topics that were covered in our class (Social Psych, Human Dev, Disorders, and Treatment). Please feel free to contact me with questions. -cj Trouble spots for students throughout the semester We, as psychologists, have goals in our work/research. What are these goals and how do they apply to what we do? -1. describe how people and other species behave -2. understand the causes of these behaviors -3. predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions -4. influence behavior through the control of its causes -5. apply psyc knowledge in ways that enhance human welfare Know what the term “empirical” means -based on the observation of experimental or scientific, systematic data collected has a methods section meaning a study was done Know what the 4 characteristics of pseudoscience are and what they mean Associates w/ true science relies on anecdotal evidence side steps disproof reduces complexity to oversimplify What are the “ways of knowing” and how do they impact a typical person’s life ? - Tenacity, Authority, Logic, Empiricism, Scientific Method- Understanding through prediction, control, and theory building Know the various psychological perspectives/theories and what the fundamental tenets of each one is. What is the difference between strength and direction of a correlation and how do correlation and causation relate? From and example of a research study, be able to identify the IV, DV, and potential problems/confounding variables.
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Psychology 101 Spring 2007 What is the purpose of myelination of neurons? -glial cells provide structure for neurons, increasing efficiency for neuron. Increases the speed in which impulse comes in and out. Helps direct What is neural plasticity? -the ability of neurons to modify their structure and function in response to experiential factors or injury Know the major sections and structures of the brain and what they’re responsible for (Frontal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, brain stem, hippocampus, Thalamus, hypothalamus, medulla, cerebellum, Wernicke’s area, Broca’s area) What is “neglect syndrome”? -brain and behavior section, different sides of your brain.
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Final Exam Review - Psychology 101 Final Exam Review Sheet...

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