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Goodson Honors English 9 Name: _____________________________ The Little Princeunit project Objective:Students will engage in critical thinking about a text, understand symbolism, analyze the effects of the author’s choices on a work, and create a product that demonstrates this critical thinking, understanding, and analysis. Products:Students will choose one episode or specific character fromThe Little Princeon which to base an original amusement park ride or feature of their design.It could be a roller coaster, souvenir stand, eatery, or other component of an amusement park.No matter the type, the project should be based on the symbolic meaning of the episode or character the student (or partners if working with another person) selects.For example, an amusement park based on Pokey the Pig from Cormier’sI am the Cheesewould probably be a child-friendly ride, while one based on Mr. Grey would be darker, perhaps even scary.A poster, brochure, 3-D model, or other visual representation of the amusement park component should be created and presented as part of the required “pitch” to amusement park “executives” deciding whether to fund the idea or not. Steps to Completion: Day 1- Project introduction and brainstorming Day 2- Class-wide draft for characters - no two students/groups use the same character, object, or place Begin project creation (written proposal, creative design, and presentation) Day 3- Project wrap-up: finish proposals, designs, and scripts; present/pitch audience of theme park “executives,” submit designs Presentation Component:Both partners are expected to contribute to a “pitch” for their amusement park
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