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final ID's - ID'S Liberation Theology Christian movement...

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ID’S Liberation Theology: Christian movement that believed that the Christian leaders should be more than spiritual leaders, but also help alleviate poverty. It encouraged local bible study groups within the smaller communities. Believers in liberation theology shared many ideas with Marxists including wanting drastic societal change and a change in the power structure. Economic Commission on Latin America (ECLA): Realized the extreme economic inequality that existed in Latin America. Understood that some areas were modernizing while others were not. ISI was not working and the trade deficits were growing. They believed that rural people needed to be included in the domestic alliance as well. Jacobo Arbenz: President of Guatemala from 1951 to 1954: He divided up large estates for peasant cultivators and he expropriated land from United Fruit. He was a sympathizer to Marxist views. He was forced out of office and replaced by a military junta with the aid of the United States. Evo Morales: President of Bolivia: First fully indigenous leader of Bolivia. Won the election with rural coca grower and indigenous support. He is anti-imperialist, anti- capitalist and leans strongly towards the left. He supports the coca leaf market. Nunca Más:
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final ID's - ID'S Liberation Theology Christian movement...

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