chp 5-6 study guide

chp 5-6 study guide - Chapter 5-6 Study Guide Grammar...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5-6 Study Guide Grammar Section The Personal A : When the direct object is a specific person or persons, or a personalized object like a dear pet, the personal a is used before it. If it is a non-specific person or a place or a thing, the a is omitted. Double Object Pronouns: Indirect object precedes the direct object Before the conjugated verb: Si nos lo prometio el gobernador Before the negative command: no me lo calientes After and attached to the affirmative command: Pidemelo manana After and attached to the gerund: mandandoselo Comparisons Inequality: Mas + Adj. + + noun + que Menos + Adverb. + Buenos Aires es mas grande que Lima Equality: 1. People/things/actions Tan + adj/adv + como Tanto/a/os/as + noun +como Verb + tanto como 2. Equality between two nouns el/la mismo/a + noun + que Roberto tiene el mismo nombre que su padre Sunjunctive Uses of subjuntivo: Change of sunject with que Desire: querer, desear Hope: esperar, ojala que Forms of Present Sunjunctive AR ER IR Visitar Aprender Vivir Visite Aprenda Viva Visites Aprendas Vivas Visite Aprenda Viva Visitemos Aprendamos Vivamos Visiten Aprendan Vivan Irregular: Dar- de Estar- este Haber- haya Ir- vaya Saber- sepa Ser- sea Lectura Section Mxico DF.: Es un conglomerado de 16 delegaciones...
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chp 5-6 study guide - Chapter 5-6 Study Guide Grammar...

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