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Annotated Bib DOG - 1 Taylor Pearson Text Set"DOGS...

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Taylor Pearson Text Set “DOGS” Annotated Bibliography 1. Eastman, P. D. Go Dog Go! New York: Random House, 1961. Go Dog Go! is a humorous fiction/fantasy written in rhyming text. It touches on culture and diversity through all the different dogs and their fulfilled activities. The dogs who are all shapes, sizes, and colors-black, white, yellow, green, blue, pink, are the main characters who zoom around in cars, ride in Ferris wheels, and generally have a great time while making their way to the big tree. As the dogs happily make their way to the party they illustrate simple concepts such as compare and contrast, and cause and effect. 2. Freymann, Saxton, and Joost Elffers. Dog Food. New York: Scholastic, 2001. You do not have to be a dog lover to love Dog Food. Saxton takes many favorite dog phrases and turns them into fruit and vegetable sculptures. He wittily reworks familiar dog phrases for a whole new level of humor and meaning. Dog figures carved out of different fruits and vegetables “act out” different phrases. When you combine the pepper puppies, Cauliflower Canines, Banana Beagles and all the other ingredients you get Dog Food . 3. Joy, Angela, and Nicola Slater. My Dog. United States: Little Tiger Press, 2005. When Joe’s mother takes him to pick out a dog, she suggests many different ones through wonderful rhythmic text. Jim knows right away that he does not want any of these dogs that his mother has described. He picks the small shy Scottie that he first saw. My Dog is an interactive Fiction text that children can physically touch and feel the soft fabric coats that each dog has. 4. Clutton-Brock, Juliet. Dog: Eyewitness Books. New York: Random House, 1991. Eyewitness has a large assortment of books that are great informational references for topics such as dogs. Dog: Eyewitness has a large amount of full color photos of each different breed of dog. This book also contains the natural history, habitats, and domestication of each dog breed. It describes how dogs evolved from the wolf, how social behavior enables both wild and tame dogs to survive, and how each breed differs from the others. 5.
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Annotated Bib DOG - 1 Taylor Pearson Text Set"DOGS...

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