Buddhism - BUDDHA: Siddhartha= founder of Buddhism Gautama:...

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BUDDHA: Siddhartha= founder of Buddhism Gautama : Buddha! Lived from 560-480 Four Passing Sights: 1. old crippled man (old age), 2. a diseased man (illness), 3. a decaying corpse (death 4. an ascetic (A person who seeks the end to suffering). Middle Way : a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and opposing self-mortification Buddha’s last words : “work hard to gain your own salvation” “subject to decay are all component things” “I leave you, I depart, relying on myself alone” WAYS TO LOVE ONES LIFE: Five precepts: 1) no killing, 2) no stealing 3) no lying, 4) no sexual misconduct, 5) no ingesting intoxicants 5 aggregates of the soul : -physical body, feelings, understanding, will and consciousness 1) the material organism ( ruupa ); 2) sensation ( vedanaa ); 3) conception ( sa~nj~naa ); 4) Volition ( sam.skaara ); 5) consciousness ( vij~nana ) Four noble truths : 1) Dukkha : Suffering 2) Samudaya : Origin of suffering 3) Nirodha : End of suffering 4) Magga : How to end suffering Eightfold path/ way : 1) Views - see things how they truly are 2) Resolve – make up ones heart - passion 3) Speech – we are what we think and say 4) Conduct – simplify – follow five precepts 5) Livlihood – occupation – do best you can 6) Effort - continoous 7) Mindfulness – self-aware - do not let emotions control you – love all 8) Ceoncentration – meditation, eliminate dilusion
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Three Trainings : 1) pain 2) impermanence 3) egolessness DIFFERENT FORMS OF BUDDHISM: Theravada : “ Way of the elders” Beliefs: -Buddha is a saint, not a God or savior- points the way
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Buddhism - BUDDHA: Siddhartha= founder of Buddhism Gautama:...

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