lec11 Hand Geomettrry

lec11 Hand Geomettrry - Hand Geometry Applications November...

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1 Hand Geometry Hand Geometry www.panynj.gov/aviation/jfkinspassframe.htm www.recogsys.com Applications Applications November 18, 2004 Port of Rotterdam Relies on Recognition Systems Biometric HandReaders for Transportation Worker Identity Credential October 27, 2004 Prestigious Wisconsin Private School Selects Recognition Systems Biometric HandReader to Secure Campus September 14, 2004 IR Recognition Systems HandReaders Verify Transportation Security Administration Employee Identities at San Francisco Airport August 31, 2004 Yeager Airport Uses Recognition Systems Biometric HandReaders to Secure Control Tower August 17, 2004 With IR Recognition Systems HandReader, German Fuel Terminal Verifies Driver Identities Applications Applications April 29, 2004 David Lawrence Center Swears Off Buddy Punching With IR Recognition Systems HandReaders April 13, 2004 IR Recognition Systems HandReaders Secure Assets for Major British Retailer March 23, 2004 Washington State Department of Corrections Biometrically Processes Over 300,000 Offender Reports per Year with IR Recognition Systems HandReaders March 2, 2004 U.S. Air Force Selects IR Recognition Systems Handreaders to Lend a Hand Securing Their Bases February 24, 2004 Simkins Industries Sends Buddy Punching Packing with IR Recognition Systems Biometric HandReaders Hand Geometry Based Verification Hand Geometry Based Verification • Anthropologists suggest that humankind survived and evolved due to our large brains and opposing thumbs • Versatile human hand allows us to grasp, throw, and make tools • Today, the human hand has another use, a media to verify identity • A U.S. patent was issued to Robert P. Miller in 1971 for a device that measures hand characteristics and records unique features for comparison and ID verification; highly mechanical device sold under the name Identimation • Sidlausks received patent for an electronic device in 1988 and established RSI in 1986. Hand Geometry Based Verification
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lec11 Hand Geomettrry - Hand Geometry Applications November...

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