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Languages - Russian I a little bit biased on this because I...

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Russian- I a little bit biased on this, because I already know Russian, but I still believe that Russian is a language that we should all learn. I think it is important to lean Russian because of all of the Soviet Countries that used to be a part of the Soviet still to this day speak Russian. It has become like their second language and most countries surrounding Russia today will speak Russian when they see foreigners first, before using their own language because they know that there is a big chance that the tourist speaks Russian also. Russian is also the second popular language in the scientific technical literature. The instruction manuals are also often will have a section of the instructions in Russian. Chinese (Mandarin)- I once heard from my friend from China that there are close to 300 different languages spoken in China. That is a lot of languages that separate the people of China and us. She also said “But most everyone now days also learns Mandarin”. If everyone spoke a different language and no
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