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China - China I picked China for my assignment because I...

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China I picked China for my assignment because I think it is a fascinating country. China is growing each year in their economy and it is interesting to know how they do it. What shocked me the most when I looked up the Hofstede of China was that china is number 80 on the list of PDI. That means that they are higher on the list of countries that believe that inequality of people is acceptable. There is no protection from abuse by the supervisors. The country teacher that if you are lower class you should not have any aspirations to become anything higher. China has a high score of Masculinity. This means that they are very driven by competition. A low feminine score explains that the Chinese are very caring towards others and the quality of life. China’s neighbors are North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India Nepal and many more. China’s and Nork Korea’s relationship is rocky, they have many disputes like the Japans Sea and Mount Paektu. These points on the map are the trading point and both countries cannot
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