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Health Professions

Health Professions - Health Professions Epidemiologist An...

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Health Professions: Epidemiologist: An epidemiologist plan and direct studies, initiate epidemiologic studies, and investigations. An epidemiologist can work either nationally or internationally. They need to be experts on critical issues in the field of epidemiology. Epidemiologists study deceases within populations of people. To become an epidemiologist one needs to get a PhD in science field related to diseases and such. An epidemiologist needs to be able to understand how science works and how it is conducted and well need to be able to correctly interpret the results and information. Related jobs that are included into the epidemiology careers are survey researcher, statistician, and community health worker. The median salary for this career is anywhere from 34,610 $ to 79,000$. (cdc.gov) Public Health Advisor: As a public health advisor you serve as a principal advisers oversees and direct and oversee multi-functional program activities involving health programs. A public health advisor also
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